Day 2 – 22 September 2021


Interactive Poster session 3
Moderators: Karen Molyneux (United Kingdom) & Sydney Tang (Hong Kong SAR, China)

Clinical significance of intensity of glomerular galactose-deficient IgA1 deposition in IgA nephropathy
Maiko Nakayama (Japan)

Evaluation of pharmacological mechanism of hydroxychloroquine in murine IgA nephropathy
Mingfeng Lee (Japan)

Co-culture with plasmacytoid DC and B cell enhance IgA production through TLR9/APRIL signaling in murine model of IgA nephropathy
Yusuke Fukao (Japan)

Galactose-deficient IgA1-containing immune complexes deposit in mesangium mediated by endothelial cell injuries
Yuko Makita (Japan)

The benefit of combining corticosteroid therapy with tonsillectomy in pathologically advanced IgA nephropathy
Tetsuya Kawamura (Japan)

09:00–09:05 Break
09:05–10:05 Industry Symposium 3
10:05–10:20 Coffee Break
10:20–11:20 Industry Symposium 4
11:20–11:25 Break

Plenary Session 5
The KDIGO IgAN & IgAV Update
Chair: Hernán Trimarchi (Argentina)

Formulation of the 2021 Guideline and what to expect in the future
Jürgen Floege (Germany)

Key updates in the 2021 IgAN & IgAV Guideline
Heather Reich (Canada)

Key unmet needs identified following the KDIGO guideline review
Sydney Tang (Hong Kong SAR, China)

12:15–12:40 Lunch Break

Free Communications 2
Chairs: Hernán Trimarchi (Argentina) & Jennifer Nyström (Sweden)

eGFR slope at 1 year may independently predict clinical benefit in patients with IgA nephropathy
Richard Lafayette (United States)

Interim Results of a Phase 1/2 Trial to Investigate the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Clinical Activity of BION-1301 in Patients with IgA Nephropathy
Jonathan Barratt (United Kingdom)

Pathogenetic mechanisms involved in hematuria bouts after respiratory tract infections in IgA nephropathy
Carmen María Herencia Bellido (Spain)

Serum APRIL as a biomarker in South-Asian prospective longitudinal observational IgA nephropathy cohort (GRACE-IgANI)
Suceena Alexander (India)

IgA-Complement immune complexes: A novel mechanism for the delivery of complement proteins to the glomerulus in IgA nephropathy
Mohamed Hamed (United Kingdom)

13:40–13:45 Break

Panel Discussion 2
Expert Panel: What are the key questions we still need to answer in IgAN?
Chair: John Feehally (United Kingdom)

Panel members: Daniel Cattran (Canada), Rosanna Coppo (Italy), Bruce Julian (United States), Zhi Hong Liu (China)

14:45–14:50 Break
14:50–15:20 Industry Symposium 6b
15:20–15:25 Break

Plenary Session 6
New targets for new therapies in IgAN & IgAV
Chair: Jürgen Floege (Germany)

Targeting pathogenic IgA production
Yusuke Suzuki (Japan)

Modulating non-immune pathways-how might this help?
Hiddo L. Heerspink (the Netherlands)

Inhibiting complement activation in IgAN
Dana Rizk (United States)

16:15–16:20 Break

Plenary Session 7
Improving patient stratification & prognostication – what do we need?
Chair: Hong Zhang (China)

How do we improve the International IgAN Prediction Tool?
Sean Barbour (Canada)

What biomarkers are on the horizon that may help risk stratify patients with IgAN?
Hitoshi Suzuki (Japan)

How can we use big data from CKD to improve prognostication in IgAN?
Lesley Inker (United States)

17:10–17:15 Break

Plenary Session 8
Smarter Clinical Trial designs for IgAN
Chair: Vladimír Tesař (Czech Republic)

How has COVID-19 changed our views on delivering clinical trials?
Barbara Gillespie (United States)

The Importance of Patient Reported Outcomes in IgAN Clinical Trial Design
Simon Carter (Australia)

Novel clinical trial designs and what they could deliver in IgAN
Adeera Levin (Canada)

18:00–18:05 Break
18:05–19:05 Industry Symposium 4
19:05–19:10 Break
19:10–20:10 Industry Symposium 3
20:10–20:15 Break

Interactive Poster session 4
Moderators: Heather Reich (Canada) & Nicholas Medjeral-Thomas (United Kingdom)

An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) tool to predict ESKD in immunoglobulin a nephropathy (IgAN). Performance analysis
Francesco Paolo Schena (Italy)

A New Epigenetically-Driven Mechanism Regulating the IL-6 Levels in IgA Nephropathy
Fabio Sallustio (Italy)

Association of Microhematuria with Outcomes in Adult Patients with IgA Nephropathy
Safak Mirioglu (Turkey)

TRF-budesonide (Nefecon) positively impacts serum and urinary biomarkers involved in interstitial fibrosis in patients with IgAN: analysis from the Phase 2 NEFIGAN trial
Dita Maixnerova (Czech Republic)

Randomized clinical study to evaluate the effect of personalized therapy on patients with immunoglobulin a nephropathy (IgAN)
Francesco Paolo Schena (Italy)

Complement Factor H and THBD rare variants are overrepresented in a French IgA Nephropathy cohort.
Nicolas Maillard (France)


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