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Day 2 – 22 September 2021

08:15–09:00 Interactive Poster session 3
09:00–09:05 Break
09:05–10:05 Industry Symposium 3
10:05–10:20 Coffee Break
10:20–11:20 Industry Symposium 4
11:20–11:25 Break
11:25–12:10 Plenary Session 5
The KDIGO IgAN & IgAV Update
Jürgen Floege: Formulation of the 2021 Guideline and what to expect in the future
Heather Reich: Key updates in the 2021 IgAN & IgAV Guideline
Sydney Tang: Key unmet needs identified following the KDIGO guideline review
12:10–12:40 Lunch Break
12:40–13:40 Free Communications 2
Expert Panel: What are the key questions we still need to answer in IgAN?
13:40–13:45 Break
13:45–14:45 Panel Discussion 2
14:45–14:50 Break
14:50–15:20 Industry Symposium 6b
15:20–15:25 Break
15:25–16:10 Plenary Session 6
New targets for new therapies in IgAN & IgAV
Yusuke Suzuki: Targeting pathogenic IgA production
Hiddo L. Heerspink: Modulating non-immune pathways-how might this help?
Dana Rizk: Inhibiting complement activation in IgAN
16:10–16:25 Coffee Break
16:25–17:10 Plenary Session 7
Improving patient stratification & prognostication – what do we need?
Sean Barbour: How do we improve the IIGAN Risk Prediction Tool?
Hitoshi Suzuki: What biomarkers are on the horizon that may help risk stratify patients with IgAN?
Lesley Inker: How can we use big data from CKD to improve prognostication in IgAN?
17:10–17:15 Break
17:15–18:00 Plenary Session 8
Smarter Clinical Trial designs for IgAN
Barbara Gillespie: How has COVID-19 changed our views on delivering clinical trials?
Simon Carter: The Importance of Patient Reported Outcomes in IgAN Clinical Trial Design
Adeera Levin: Novel clinical trial designs and what they could deliver in IgAN
18:00–18:05 Break
18:05–19:05 Industry Symposium 4
19:05–19:10 Break
19:10–20:10 Industry Symposium 3
20:10–20:15 Break
20:15–21:00 Interactive Poster session 4


 All times in the symposium programme are in Central European Summer Time – CEST (UTC + 2).




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