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Day 1 – 21 September 2021

09:00–09:25 Welcome Word
09:25–09:30 Break
09:30–10:15 Interactive Poster session 1
10:15–10:30 Coffee Break
10:30–11:30 Industry Symposium 2
11:30–11:35 Break
11:35–12:20 Plenary Session 1
Genetic and epigenetic insights in IgAN
Krzysztof Kiryluk: Where are we going next with genetic studies in IgAN?
Jonathan Barratt: RNA interference in IgAN
Alexandra Cambier: Is there a link between collagen IV mutations and IgAN?
12:20–12:50 Lunch Break
12:50–13:50 Free Communications 1
13:50–13:55 Break
13:55–14:55 Panel Discussion 1
Patient panel: The challenges of living with IgA nephropathy
14:55–15:00 Break
15:00–15:30 Industry Symposium 6a
15:30–15:35 Break
15:35–16:20 Plenary Session 2
What role does complement activation play in IgAN?
Richard Lafayette: Complement in IgAN what we know and what we don't
Hong Zhang: A role for the lectin pathway?
Nick Medjeral-Thomas: A role for the alternative pathway?
16:20–16:35 Coffee Break
16:35–17:20 Plenary Session 3
Where do we go next with the kidney biopsy in IgAN?
Ian Roberts: What next for the Oxford Classification?
Peter Boor: The use of Artificial Intelligence in kidney biopsy evaluation
Rafael Kramann: Taking the Omics Revolution into the kidney biopsy
17:20–17:25 Break
17:25–18:10 Plenary Session 4
B cells & IgA
Jennifer Gommerman: Mucosal immune cells: Saints or Sinners?
Jan Novak: 25 years since IgA1 glycosylation changes were first described-what will the next 25 years bring?
Loreto Gesualdo: Is IgAN a disease of mistrafficking B cells?
18:10–18:15 Break
18:15–19:15 Industry Symposium 2
19:15–19:20 Break
19:20–20:20 Industry Symposium 1
20:20–20:25 Break
20:25–21:10 Interactive Poster session 2


 All times in the symposium programme are in Central European Summer Time – CEST (UTC + 2).




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